my little lemon.

I love lucy so much. Like, feel it in my bones love her. I remember crying a lot in my first weeks with abel, overwhelmed with how much love had entered my heart for this tiny human that I had made from scratch. 

my first weeks with Lucy were obviously a little different, as I was juggling two babies & didn't have as much time to sit around focused solely on her, crying like a big old baby. I loved her instantly, in the same incredible way I had loved him, but the weight of JUST how much I loved her hadn't hit me until these past couple weeks. I imagine it's because the dust has settled now & I've soaked in her sweetness, and the love between her & abel, and all of life's pleasures as a mom of two, and so on. so, now here I am, crying like a baby over that girl.

she's sooooo sweet. I love every sound & grumble. I love how she burrows her head into my chest & just passes out, face buried. her hands are the sweetest little things, i'm obsessed with them, much like i was obsessed with abel's little feet. she still smells so new + delicious. she's completely kissable + squeezable and I love just listening to her breathe. she coos + smiles, her eyes are SO blue. I would let her sleep on my chest or in my arms twenty four stinkin' seven if life allowed. she's growing too fast. does that ever get better the more kids you have? doubt it. 

I'm so thankful to have a daughter. there is so much responsibility in raising a child. I want to raise her up & teach her well. I want her to love herself always. I want her to love others well & put jesus first. she's incredibly beautiful & her smile gives her away already for being a sweet spirit. thank you lord for this happy girl. i can't wait to know her better with each passing day. 
i love you my little lemon.

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