here's to my first month being a mother of two...

so far in my adventures of parenting, there is one thing that i have found to almost ALWAYS be the case… once you get something down, and you're feeling like giving both you and your partner and your child a pat on the back because, HOORAY! you've accomplished this, that or the other. a sleep schedule, a routine of some sort, a milestone, etc. and just as you get ready to do the "go me!" dance… something changes. they start teething & all of the sleeping through the night is out the window, or summer comes along & daylight savings TOTALLY throws your 8:00 bedtime because it still looks like 4pm out & your toddler is like, ummm no. they get really good at eating certain things so you stock up, & then in the same week their tastes change and don't want any part of those things, or you have a baby...

we are coming up on one whole month of having lucy in our lives & i will start by saying that life with TWO babies has been truly wonderful. i've been reminded of so many things that i learned from my first month being a mother all together (HERE) & new things too! some things have been harder, most things have been easier, but all around things have been unfairly blessed. obviously, some parts of our world have been turned upside down & we are taking those things as they come. things like abel probably hasn't gone to bed before 10pm once over the course of this month with lucy, naps have hardly been on time and only occasional, lots of dinners have been had at the coffee table & waking up with 4 in the bed or as a baby sandwich has been a common occurrence, but is honestly the sweetest slice so, you know.

i've been given a new confidence in learning how capable i actually am & how much i can handle on my own, but i'd be lying if i said there haven't been tears & moments of totally overwhelming, what have we done?!, chaos. what has surprised me most though is how much love our hearts are capable of holding. everyone told us they would get bigger, and i believed them, but wow... sooo much bigger. we love lucy so much. she's so sweet & precious, maybe i'm the mom but i think she is stunningly beautiful, she is a little grumbler when she sleeps and eats & it makes us laugh out loud in the middle of the night listening to her. sometimes we call her peeky mcpeekerson because it's just soooo hard waking up, she peeps out at us numerous times before actually being fully awake... that plus the grumbling equals heart eyes for days. abel loves her & wants to hold her always, rub her head & give the maximum daily amount of kisses possible. he also is not shy about letting me know when i should put her down & come with him somewhere or pick him up. he politely tells me by patting her swing or the blankets she normally lays on like 'put that baby down right here mom'. he's one smart cookie, and any worries i had about him feeling like second string went out the window the first time any and all of these things happened. darling as pie i tell ya. our days together are sweet & for the most part there are minimal melt downs from the majority & we just feel good. 

i have kids, KIDS! it's truly still unbelievable to me that i have been blessed this much, first with chris, then abel & now sweet lucy. i couldn't be thanking God enough. i've said it before & i'll say it again... i love these littles with a different kind of love. an unending, no conditions, can't believe i grew you in my belly kind of love that just gets better every day... & i love that. 

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