l u c y || h a r p e r

hi, i'm lucy.
i love to be held & always. my mama can't figure out yet if i do or don't like being swaddled... i've decided to keep her guessing. my eyes are blue & though my skin was darker like my daddy's when i was born, it looks to be lightening. i'm one month old! so far, i'm not huge on the passy, but i'm coming around. i make sweet noises & smiles daily. milk is my drink of choice & it is doing this body good... chunk for days if you know what i'm sayin'. i'm usually too tired to wake up and eat at night, so please change my diapy & i'll just see you in the morning. i'm told that it's officially fall... whatever that means, mom swears i'm gonna love it. i'm currently rocking a business in the front, party in the back hairstyle, but like i said... rocking it, and at least i've got some! watching the new girl with mom & dad is my second favorite thing to do. being held by abel is my first favorite. happy monday!

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