osborn farm + check marks on our fall bucket list

over the weekend we got our pumpkin on. if you've been around here for a minute or two you may remember us kicking off fall with osborn farm the past couple of years ( HERE & HERE ) . we continued that tradition this year & i'm so glad we did. i am pretty sure that abel thought he had died and gone to Heaven seeing THAT many pumpkins in one place, in one day... boy loves his pumpkin & i love that about him. the farm is such a cute place... farmer's market, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, hayrides... you had me at pumpkin, but all these things combined are absolutely a win in my book.
 i'm so happy that fall is finally here! we have TWO littles this year & a whole lot of stuff planned for the season! we finally (after talking about doing it for years) put together a fall bucket list of things we'd like to experience & do, and osborn farm and a real live pumpkin patch are now officially checked off, hoorah! we're off to a great start! next up, bake a homemade pie... anyone have any good recipes to share?! hit me.

^^^lucy thoroughly enjoyed her time as well, in case you wondered ;)

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