PLove Shipment & The Sanfords

Wednesday was a beyond wonderful day. One of the many reasons was that the Project Love Summer Line arrived! Six big, beautiful boxes were dropped at our door first thing in the morning :) I was SUPER excited, but was patient enough to wait for Chris to get home to open them. This was a huge leap of faith for Chris & I through Project Love because it was the first time that we ordered in bulk & received finished products that are ready to ship. In the past, I have ordered by piece as orders come in & screen printed everything myself on my table top screen printer. Which was such an awesome skill to learn, but as PLove grew, it became very time consuming! I am SO excited to be able to just pack and ship this time, and I think you all will be happy with it to, because you know what this means?... FASTER SHIPPING! Yayy! Now I feel like we can really focus on the design process and what our company is all about which is spreading the love of our Lord, enabling others to be bold in their faith & wear His Word, and sharing positivity! Thank you Jesus :) and thank you Threadbird Printing Co. ---> They did an outstanding job and were THE nicest people to work with! I CAN'T wait for y'all to see what's inside these boxes!! eeeeee!
Reason number two for a great day... another little surprise came in the mail! A new accessory from Project Love that I think you will be excited about... AND looks great paired with any of the new items! hmmm.. i wonder what it could be?
Anyhow... then I got new tires put on my car which I am SO thankful for. Who knew having bald tires would make your car drive like a piece? hehe. Now it drives like the beauty that she is :) I love my car.. in a healthy, non materialistic way of course, more in a ... Man it feels good to be a gangsta... way. Now all she needs is a name.
Lastly, and probably the greatest reason of all for this wonderful day was dinner at the Sanfords. Luke and Margaret. Probably two of the greatest people to have ever graced this planet. I am SO thankful that God placed us all in Charlotte so that we could become friends. For dinner, we grilled burgerrrrs & sweet potato fries, and Husband made his famous salad... baby greens & spinach, craisins, feta, walnuts & Brianna's poppy seed dressing, yummm. It was a beautiful night so we were able to eat out on their screened in porch.. ah-mazing. Their house is so presh.
Then we played Bananagrams! I think everyone won atleast once... except for me, however I was pretty happy with what i did accomplish.
It was such a fun night. They are SO great. Luke is one of the nicest guys ever, and the first time I met Margaret I immediately picked her out in my mind as someone I wanted to be friends with. She is so creative---> check out her blogg: , has such a great personality and is just one of those people I clicked with. I truly cherish her friendship & feel thankful to have met her. Seriously going to cry the day they move in July, but I am so excited for them! Now we can visit & play Bananagrams in New York... score!
Another awesome day in this beautiful thing we call our life. Thankful to the Lord! Ps... if you are reading this blog & usually do, please follow! You can receive email updates, subscribe through a reader, or through google friend connect! We would LOVE it if you did aaaand you will be the first to receive updates & giveaway info when it comes to Project Love :) Check the column to the right of this and find your way to connect!

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