if only there was a video..

ugh. highly annoyed at the dog moment.
So I'm walking the dogs, enjoying what could have been a pleasant little stroll. Things are going well, and then.. another person comes walking out with their little dogs (for what they thought would be a pleasant stroll)...
Harvey tries running at them SO hard he basically knocks me down, causing me to drop Harlow's leash.. she goes flying towards them giving her most vicious bark, meanwhile Harvey is still owning me, the dogs are all barking  & there are tree branches in my hair at this point. wow. i get a hold of myself and go chasing Harlow, she has already gotten up in this poor lady & her dog's grill, and Harvey coming towards them is not any more comforting. HOW EMBARRASSING!
if not already assumed... harlow & harvey are both grounded.
look at those guilty faces...

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