happy birthday to me...

I am celebrating another year of this beautiful life :) Here are a few of the highlights since my last birthday!

I married my highschool sweetheart, best friend & love of my life. This by far was the greatest blessing of all.
I was blessed with two more sisters, two more brothers, and the size of my family doubled, growing from seven to fourteen.
The Lord gave me a business that enabled me to share His Love & His Word with others in a way that fit my personality perfectly. He allowed me to create, learn, and love and be surrounded by Him & glorify Him daily. AKA Project Love was born :)
We got another puppy. Sweetest boy ever... still a puppy who causes many messes, but we love him very much & are happy he is part of our little family.
The Lord completely & totally answered our prayers by moving us to Charlotte and placing us in the most wonderful community of God filled people where we have been able to make some amazing & life long friends.
Happy Birthday Me! I can't wait for what this year brings. I love you God, thank You for my life.

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