30 Things You Might Not Know...

1. We have lived in four different states together.
2. She teaches him hip hop in the kitchen.
3. We were born exactly one year and one month apart.
4. She likes ketchup on her tacos.
5. He's been to Germany.
6. He designed her engagement/wedding ring all by himself.
7. She never takes it off.
8. We are both afraid of scary movies.
9. We don't have cable. It's actually kind of nice.
10. She makes him model for Project Love.
11. He secretly likes it.
12. We often talk about places we'd like to travel to.
13. She points her toes when she watches technical dance.
14. We are both allergic to cats, but we have one.
15. He wakes up early.
16. She wakes up late.
17. When they first met, he told her he didn't think blue eyes and brown hair would look good together... then he realized that's what she had.. it worked out.
18. We both have a major sweet tooth.
19. He proposed on the bottom of a Starbucks cup :)
20. She cried when it happened.
21. He likes any and all food, anytime.
22. She only likes foods she’s in the mood for at that very moment.
23. He was THE Chris Salvaggione...
24. SHE got him :)
25. She used to want to be a ballerina.. until she met hip hop.

26. He sleeps on the side close to the door.
27. She loves everything vintage and thrift.
28. He can do back flips off of walls.
29. She would wear a dress every day of her life.
30. We both love eachother more than anything else in this world & feel blessed by God that He created us perfectly for one another.

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