so this past weekend was WAY too fun and super long! our 'weekend' started on thursday night with speed street, and only went up from there! josh turner, dancing at whisky river & late night five guys, a girls night complete with chinese food, pizzookies & 'tangled' AND to top it off... coca cola 600 and memorial day fun! basically we had a five day weekend, i'm SO down... however, now I am sick which is NOT ideal, so I could use some get well prayers! please and thanks! enjoy the pics from our "weekend"... love to ALL!
this guy was AWESOME! seriously. made our night.
how beautiful are my friends. both inside and out :)
late night five guys is a MUST.
killed it.
deuces up.
Night 3? Can anyone say pizzookie?
Coca Cola 600

Turkey legs were SO delicious and a major hit.

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