Speed Street Round #1

So tonight was the first night of Speed Street in Charlotte.
Pat Green was the artist scheduled to perform... at 9:45. So we are gettin' pumped up and at about 9:50, a voice comes on the mic (excitement builds)!.. only to tell us to seek shelter
& that the show is cancelled due to a hardcore storm rolling in. MAJOR fail!

WE were bummed out.. BUT we did get some cute pics && tomorrow night is JOSH TURNER.
so we are going to try again. something to look forward to.
AND let me tell you... bad weather better not get up in our grill :D <---- that's my grill.

so here's to tomorrow night && to josh turnerrr.
 can i just tell you that this girl has my heart? yea. true story.
 couldn't pick a fave... so i posted both. sometimes you just have to :)
oh hey 60mph winds!

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