tacos, games, & cupcrazed.

This past week, Chris and I hosted game night at our home! My friend Abby and I made tacos and my favorite little baker, Margaret, brought Cupcrazed Cupcakes for dessert! It was a wonderful night of great food, games, friends, and fellowship. How blessed we are. It is so great being surrounded by so many different people, all with different backgrounds & stories, all in different phases of life, but with one incredible thing in common. Love. Love for the Lord, love for others, love for life. I love learning and growing with all of them, and each of them have a permanent place in our hearts.
 I love watching men interact :)
 Most definitely the best cupcakes ever.
End of the night photoshoot.

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margaret said...

can't believe this is the first time I've seen this post! I love it! such a fun night, let's relive it soooon (with new cupcake flavors of course) :):)