happy birthday mommyyy.

today is a VERY special day.
my mom's birthday :)
my mom is one of the most amazing women i know. she is so kind & SO creative. she is a do-er. she is the perfect example of never letting anyone, any thing, any circumstance hold you back from doing whatever it is that you want to do. she is faithful. just yesterday while dreaming out loud with chris, i started to hear the enemy creep in and tell me that the specific thing i wanted to do was, 'impossible. i'm too young. we aren't settled. i don't know anything about it. and so on and on....' but i was QUICKLY reminded of my mom. she doesn't accept those thoughts. why should i? i love to see and learn from her bold faith. does everything she tries turn out the way she hopes? no, not always. but she is always okay. and that is because she is a firm believer in Christ and she knows that He has something else for her. i love her. she is an amazing example & i strive to live with some of the boldness she displays. i hope you all meet her one day. you would be blessed. oh... and did i mention her birthday is in october? LUCKY :)
happy birthday mom!! i wish i was there to hug you!
love, your little brown headed girl

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Vines Vintage said...

Best birthday card ever! I love you. You are stronger than you know, wiser than your years and more beautiful than I could have imagined. I love and miss you! Can't wait til I see you!!!! Just a couple of weeks! :-)