oh hey!

hi friends!
please excuse my absence from the world this week, i started my week out here...
yea, that's the hospital. 
ivs, monitors, fluids... all that fun stuff :(
i started getting sick the sunday before thanksgiving & thought that heartburn/reflux had just come around again & that it'd probably pass after a few days like the last time baby boy had a growth spurt... but after 8 days of not being able to keep ANYTHING down, food or drink, i went in to see my doctor... only to find out that i was super dehydrated (ya think?), i had lost ALL of the weight i had gained my entire pregnancy so far in only 6 days, and that my body had gone into ketosis & was starting to eat the fat & muscle that i've worked so hard to save up. so what i thought was going to be an hour appointment, maybe send me home with some type of simple diagnosis or medicine to take, turned into an all day visit at the hospital complete with fluid through iv, 2 ultrasounds, & the soundtrack of my babies heart playing on repeat (the last part i didn't mind so much :))
the great news is, that our little mister is 100% okay & still growing perfectly in there... SO GLAD! && as far as the docs, mostly they weren't able to pinpoint exactly what's going on with me, but they did get my fluids up so i didn't look like pregnant bella from twilight anymore, plus prescribed a few different medications to try out & also said a possible liquid diet may help.
2 of the 3 medications did not work, and as much as i am not happy about having to take any medicine at all (granola cruncher)... i have taken one of them for the past 3 days, have eaten easy foods & have been feeling much better. praise the Lord too, because i was hungryyyy. definitely glad to be better, but am for sure going to try & wean off of the medicine if i can so that baby boy can be cozy in there, all natural. even if it means liquid diet for this mama for the next 10 weeks. we will see.
oh, and yea you heard right... only TEN weeks left!
say whaaaaat?!
you guys seriously. HOW can we be so close to meeting our guy??! 
i can't wait.
his face was SO cute in the ultrasound...  i mean... SO FREAKIN' CUTE! his little mouth.. gah. i just love him. pretty sure he loves me too... he gives me love bumps almost every minute of the day now. 
i just still think it's nuts that he is just chillin' in there. being a baby.
pretty sweet if you ask me :)
anyhow... there's a weekly recap! glad i'm caught up on things & back to blogging! i have really missed my little corner of the internet alot! 
i hope you had a wonderful week & are in for a fun weekend!
happy friday! xoxo

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Kym said...

aw, hillary. I'm glad that you're doing better, sorry you had to go through that! I'll be praying for you.