breakfast people.

we are breakfast people.
breakfast in the morning, breakfast for dinner, no special occasion needed…
breakfast people.
our first week home with abel, we wanted to make sure he knew how important breakfast was, so we enjoyed breakfasts of all kinds. peanut butter & chocolate chip pancakes, sausage & egg scrambles, french toast, and the usual staple… cereal (of all kinds).
breakfast, i love you. thanks for being awesome.
ps guys… remember this sad post? well guess what?!
hooray!! we now have the pro-er than pro, waffle maker. it makes TWO waffles at a time! what? two waffles at a time? yep, two waffles at a time. thank you schmeeckles for our housewarming gift! we love it, and YOU!
cheers to breakfast!

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Heathre said...

Breakfast is awesome! I used to be a pancake person, but now I am a waffle person. Of course, got to have french toast :)