a good morning.

yesterday was a great morning.
so great in fact, that i am planning to start all of my mornings similarly. it looks a little something like this...
  • in a still sleeping fog, kiss husband goodbye as he leaves for his day
  • wake up... not too early & not too late.
  • fix a delicious breakfast. [[yesterday's breakfast was vanilla yogurt with granola & strawbabies.]] today... i'm thinking puffed pancakes.
  • spend atleast an hour (ifnotmore) writing affirmations & prayers. *for me, writing these on paper helps me to remember them throughout the day. it's also great to look back at them next day when you write new ones... chances are you could probably benefit from reading over them a second (third, fourth, seventieth time)
  • read. --currently reading, "So Long, Insecurity" by Beth Moore.
  • excersise. for me, this was my daily jog.
i was finished with these SIX things before noon & had already declared the day 'GREAT'
if that's not a wonderful way to start a day, i don't know what is!
how do YOU start YOUR day?
what are a few things that make it great?
oh, and here's a little video for you. loooooving me some florence+themachine lately.
happy tuesday!

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