penguins & heart songs.

i've never really told chris and i's entire love story on this blog, because when i started it, it was really just for friends & family and they already knew it! since then though, i've made new bloggy friends & have new followers that don't know our history. (i am thankful for y'all!) 8 years is a lot to share, so i'll give you the short version & get to my point about penguins & heart songs :)

chris & i met in high school. i was a sophomore & he was a junior. i was homeschooled for part of it because of my dancing & traveling back & forth to LA. so i didn't have a school to go to events like homecoming, prom, sadie's, etc. my dance friends were my best friends & so i went to their events! and that's where we met. i had seen pictures of chris, & met him in passing at recitals and thought he was THE hottest guy in the world, but never in a million years thought of dating him! 2 reasons being, i didn't know him or go to his school, and i was NOT the only girl that noticed his delicious green eyes, tan italian skin or 6 pack :)
i did however end up dating someone he was friends with (NO, I DID NOT HAVE ALTERIOR MOTIVES) anyway, i'll hurry this up.. at some point in the SHORT period of time i was dating his friend, he decided that HE wanted to date me. so he basically stole me away from his friend... it wasn't hard. everyone hated us. ha! oh, high school drama. i feel like this is a great time to point out that his friend does not have life long damage from this occurrence. they are still friends. he was in our wedding, and is also happily married to his beautiful wife now. so it's all good people.
cut to 3 years later. chris is in his second year of college, i am now graduated and in LA. but what's really important about this chapter? this is the year that we broke up. :( it's true. he dumped me. how rude. he wanted the freedom to be in college & not worry about me worrying about him & being on his back all the time about where he was & who he was with & what he was doing.
i was devestated.
it was not until a few months into this break up that i realized i had ALOT of growing up to do. we were broken up for 8 LONG months. we talked during & it was not a pleasant time for me at all. if you know me personally, you know this to be called "the dark time"
i'm not dramatic at all.
anyways, this is where i get to my point.
we got back together :)
he told me that he knew that i was his forever. he knew that i was his one & that there was no going back. but it's the way that he told me this that makes it SO sweet...
side story: i LOVE penguins. always have, always will. they are precious. & more than that, some of them mate for life. oh yea, and i love the movie happy feet & that they have heart songs. i like to believe they really do :)

so chris asked me to be his penguin.
i of course accepted, and from then on, we have given eachother "heart songs"
i first gave him "i'm yours" by jason mraz and he gave me "you're my everything" by michael buble. we still do this to this very day. and have accumulated a pretty impressive list of songs.
which is why i'm posting & telling you all this.
my most recent heart song to husband is "i won't give up" by jason mraz.
and if you follow me on twitter than you have already heard this, but it's a good thing you are dripping sweat in hot yoga, so that when they start playing this song & you start crying like a baby, no one can tell :) jason mraz... love songs.

i LOVE husband. i am so thankful that we are forever. we have been together ever since that day, and we have been in love since the beginning. he is my greatest blessing.


Rach said...

how fun! one of my best friends LOVES penguins also, and her husband (boyfriend at the time) got permission for them to go in with the penguins at the zoo after hours, hold the babies, and while she was holding the baby penguin, he got down on one knee and proposed with all her family hiding in the bushes videotaping. He put the ring on her finger while she was holding the baby penguin.

margaret said...

Hill...this is so sweet. I love you and Chris, and I love your love. you two are, in fact, one of the sweetest couples ever...blessed to have your friendship!!

Hailey said...

very sweet. love the penguin part :)

Audrey said...

such a love story!

& drama continues into college...everyone hated us too when we got together, boo! It's so sad. You want to celebrate but everyone is just mean & jealous! not cool...

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you for all your sweet responses! and i LOVE hearing other peoples love stories :)