cousin love.

today is a great day. woke up to thunderstorms & live! with kelly, and later today my cousin is coming to visit! i am beyond excited! For a while we got into a really great habit of seeing each other twice a year! and then real life started, and we haven’t seen each other in almost 2 years!
UN-AC-CEPTABLE if you ask me.
brianna is SUCH a special person in my life. even from far away i still want her to be a part of every important thing that happens in my life & i want to be included in hers. she is truly a bright spot & is such an inspiration to me. needless to say, i love her so much.
…and to celebrate that love && her arrival… a few of my favorite pics over the years :)

starting with this gem
can we please take note that i was wearing the ‘nerd’ glasses back in 2007 WAAAAAY before they were trendy!
take a look at that flip phone :)
please pray for safe travels & a wonderful weekend that doesn’t pass by too quickly!
happy thursday!


Brianna said...

What a lovely throwback to see those photos! You are such a piece of sunshine in my day, cousin. T-minus 8hours until we are together! Reunirse!:)

Redheaded Daybook said...

this is a total bestie post! i love it!!! you two look like you have soooo much fun! so happy you will finally get to see her again :)

ps. im doing a new series and would love for you to stop by and let me know what you think :)

happy thursday!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful ladies! can't wait to meet her!