don't tell me what to do.

don't tell me what to do.
this may be a personality flaw... had to have atleast one right?
KIDDING!! haha! i have many, one of the perks of being human :)
...but i really can't stand it when people tell me what to do, or how i should live my life. first of all... it's not your biz... and second... it just makes me want to do it more.
for example; when chris and i were engaged, i had numerous randoms or people who 'kind of knew me' tell me to WAIT! it went a little something like this...
randomperson: "how old are you"
me: "21"
randomperson: "WAAAAIT! you're so young. get financially settled. you have all the time in the world! blablablaaaaaaaa."
me: "how 'bout you don't tell me what to do & mind your own business! i'm in love with this man & WHAT in the world would i WAIT for?!" <----- this of course was the response i gave IN MY HEAD VOICE. truth be told, i just smiled & moved along with life.
or here is the latest...
if i even MENTION how cute a baby is. i don't even have to mention having one of my own, or starting a family, or anything about our personal plans. ALL i have to say is, "oh my gosh, so cute" and the remainder of the conversation or comments from someone near by goes like this:
me: "oh my gosh, look at that cute baby!"
randomperson: "how old are you?"
me: "23"
randomperson: "girrrrrl. WAIT. you've got plenty of time! you're so young. get settled. say goodbye to this or that. good luck(in the sarcastic tone). blablablaaaaaaaa"
me: "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DOOOOO!!!!!!" <---- again, this is in my inside voice. ha!
...but seriously, it's NOT anyone's business how you live your life. i can respect opinions of those who have been through the parts of life that i haven't yet, but i am also a strong believer in their not being ONE way to do things. to each his/her own.
after a conversation with my friend jessica (READ HER BLOG, she is an AMAZING woman of the Lord & i love her to the end of the earth and MORE) we were talking about life & how she's experienced some of the same comments & opinions, and we came to this conclusion.
YES. if chris and i would have WAITED to get married, maybe we could have been more financially stable, or known better what our lives were going to look like. YES. maybe we could have better planned for life things that were going to come up. maybe we could have bought a house instead of renting an apartment. etc.

is that was matters most??
not to me.

getting married when we did, & having those first year experiences, struggles, laughs, crazy moving around the country & everything else that came with that first year of marriage is something so special to my heart. something i cherish. something i would NEVER trade for more stability, or any of the other ideas that this world has for "the order of life" or "the way things SHOULD be" because honestly... stability, planning... it's all just an illusion of control. yes, we have free will, but bottom line: God is in control, and my heart find's peace in knowing that :)
...and as far as babies go. I AM ALLOWED TO OOOH & AAAH OVER A DELICIOUS LITTLE BABY! ---and whenever we end up having them? take it up with God, because that's His decision & His timing too. :)
so yea... apologies for the rant. it's just something that's been on my heart for a while now. maybe it will inspire some of you to do your own thing & rest in the knowledge that your life is in God's hands & you can politely shrug off the haters. and if not, hopefully you found this rant to atleast be somewhat comical :)
happy day! look at these CUTE babyrufflebottoms! HA. HA. ;)


Tiff Blais said...

I LOVE this post. I feel like a good part of my life was lived for pleasing others. It took me a LONGGGG time to really see life for what it is and to realize that it is all mine. I totally agree with everything you've said. I just turned 25 and I am not yet married but have been with my boyfriend since high school (you can imagine what people say about that). People are going to be envious of you and your happiness, plain and simple! :) What happens, happens.. everything works itself out!

ps- I adore those rufflebottoms!!!


Redheaded Daybook said...

preach it girly!!!
im 23 too and sometimes.. i get a little tired of people saying "say goodbye to _____" um. no thanks! if i want to do something, im gonna do it lol.
you got me all fired up now lol.

Life on Sugar Hill said...

amen! haters gonna hate, ha! what can ya do except live your life the way you feel God has intended it & be happy :)