we have to move.

not really.
...but tonight FOUR bugs that i have NEVER seen before in my life, flew into the house when i opened the door to let the dogs out. completely blind-sided me!
our house is in the woods, & i don't think that tonight was the end of the bugs... in fact i'm pretty sure it's only the beginning. it's about to get hotter && more humid, which only means MORE bugs.
i don't mean to sound like a princess, but growing up in colorado really spoiled me to things like NO humidity, clean air, NO bugs, gorgeous views, hiking at your fingertips, hurricanes/earthquakes/tornados... what's that?
these are just a few of the small upsides to colorado. don't get me wrong. i love the carolinas too. the people are great and... well, the people are great! kidding. it's green & we love our church & cupcrazed too. ha!
honestly, i'm so happy with our life right now that i honestly don't care where we are. i would LOVELOVELOVE to be near our family & friends in colorado and AWAY from the bugs, but we have such an amazing family of friends out here as well, and this truly has become our second home.
so i guess we'll stay.


Courtney K said...

Frank and I love NC...hes from there and someday desire to live there...however here in CO we are so blessed with no bugs and very rare on the natural disasters! I totally am with you on this one.

his little lady said...

oh goodness, those bugs definitely do not sound pleasant, but making new family friends helps a lot :)
you look gorgeous!
xo TJ