little love letters.

paws har

dear puppies,
as always, i love you. you have the cutest little puppy paws & always manage to get comfy in the cutest or most comical positions. thank you for making me say, 'chris look!' and pointing in your direction 12,384 times a day.

dear dunkin donuts,
pretty sure you make the best donuts, chai tea latte & coffee(husband) in the world. why are you so awesome?

dear radio station,
isn't there something besides adele to play?

dear skinny jeans,
when are you planning to go out of style? i really miss some of my old bootcut/flare jeans that have been patiently waiting in my closet to be worn.

dear husband,
you're the best. but what else is new?

dear summer,
slow your roll. spring deserves it's time too && i am not ready to be drowning in humidity just yet.

dear readers,
thanks for being kind about this blog & reading & leaving comments. you're the best.

dear project love,
you need to get in gear & print the new line. OR ELSE.

dear brianna cousin,
i can't wait for your arrival in a few weeks. i see nothing but laughing//loving, exploring charlotte & lots of eating in our future :)

dear leftover easter candy,
remove yourself from my sight or you WILL be eaten. && that means MORE running. not exactly my cup of tea. (we are still working on this)

dear spring break,
thank you for finally getting here & giving me a great week of chillin'. i have been enjoying the heck out of you & sort of want you to never end.



Core Four said...

Amen to the radio station. And the skinny jeans. And the Easter candy. Love your blog! Cant wait to officially meet you soon. :)

Jess Hover said...

haha dear Hillary..
this was so fun. i love you!