dear tori spelling.

dear tori,
you are just great. i LOVE your style & all of your creativity. you have a gorgeous family & are such an awesome mom. watching tori & dean makes my heart happy, & i really feel like y'all portray having a family to be a huge blessing & a fun journey... but you also keep it real & show the tough stuff too. fashion, party planning, interior design... i'm pretty sure that we would be friends. that's all. keep it up, & please send me a copy of your new party planning book, 'celebraTORI' for my birthday... may 7th. thanks!
love, hillary
**photos from pinterest**


AMY PALMER said...

Love this family. Also, everytime I watch the shows, I lust over her bedroom decor, especially the headboard!


Lacy said...

I feel the same way about her! I love how real they are:)

Life on Sugar Hill said...

yes, her headboard is to die!!! they are a presh fam :)