over the weekend (part 2) strawberry picking!

friday, we headed over to springs farm & picked our very own fresh strawberries! SO much fun :)) and something i can cross off of my ‘small’ bucket list, or in other words, very attainable activities or things that would make my heart sing …. other things on this list include: having my very own cupcake cake (check. got this crossed off last year), having a cup of hot chocolate with a design in the foam, having a harry potter marathon (currently in the process), grape stomping, having a murder mystery party, etc… you know, the usual small bucket list items. anyway… look at all the fun we had! if you missed part one of our weekend, you can check it out HERE!


Jess Hover said...

So fun! :) Your life brings my life such joy! Love you SO much Hill, happy week-after-Easter!

Brandy Bruce said...

Harry Potter marathons are the best! :) This post made me decide I need a "small" bucket list. :) Btw, I'm your newest follower. Would love it if you'd stop by my blog and consider following me too!

kaila mo said...

aww strawberry picking, sooo fun! you guys are too cute, these pictures are so fun! im really enjoying your blog :)