we are moving!

after searching & searching, not being ready, being disappointed, things falling through, etc.... AS USUAL, God knew what He was doing & had a better plan :)
we finally found a home!
isn't it precious?!?!
gah! we love it!
it's everything we wanted but way more!
since the first time i visited fort collins, the adorable houses in old town stole my heart! cozy, cute, unique, vintage... perfection in my eyes :)
what do i love even more about OUR house though?! it has the look & feel of old town, but it's on an acre, RIGHT by the lake with a mountain view & has a cuuuuutie address!
yea the pictures below... from our yard. NOT COMPLAINING.
we are SO very excited!
we move in in early January!
finally, a house to make a home! a place to decorate & have all of our things in one place for the FIRST time since we've been married! a place to host our friends & family! snuggle on our couch together, and SO exciting... a place to bring our baby home to!
the Lord has seriously answered so many of our prayers over the past week & really just lined things up for us in a way that has been undeniable. i, for one, am incredibly thankful! i just feel like after so much of our lives being up in the air & at times unclear, it is all finally settling & unraveling as it should.
Praise you Lord.
anyhoooo! i am absoLUTELY going to post pictures & do a little home tour once we are moved in & settled! for now though, here's a little preview of the outside!
happy friday!

photo 4 photo 5


Jess Hover said...

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!! This seriously makes me SO excited!! God is so good!! This is perfect for you guys! I love it! It looks like the ones you showed me while I was there as you described your dream house!!! Ah! This encourages me more than you know :) I love you guys and am thrilled for you!

Jess Hover said...

YES YES YES YES YES!!!! This makes me so excited! God is too good! It looks just like the ones you showed me while I was there and you were describing your dream house to me! What a gift! I am beyond encouraged by your life! I love love love you friend!

Kym said...

congratulations :) EXCITING!!!!