thoughts on thursday + some cute pictures of my children (surprise!)

Why is overgramming a thing? Why does a certain number of likes or comments or followers make us feel special or not? Why do we gram at all? 

I heard someone say today that instagram is just a place to show off what you've got. Whether it's things or your kids or your breakfast... & it got me thinking. Show off? That's certainly not what I'm ever going for. I love photos, moments captured. I choose to post our happy parts, not because every day is a walk in the park, our life is far from perfect, but I love it + choose to see it with a positive perspective, and share that side. I post pictures of my kids because I love them + think they're stinkin cute, I post pictures of my breakfast because it was as pleasing to my eyes as it was my belly. I see beauty all around me. When I share on Instagram, this blog, or any social media channel, it's because I love and enjoy my life + want to shout it from the rooftops! It's sad to think that anyone would consider that showing off or even worse, look at my life and see theirs as less than.
Why do we compare? Why do we get sucked into "the numbers"? I know i've allowed myself to fall victim to this thought process. I think it's definitely important to search our hearts and check ourselves for the reasons behind our posts, our words and otherwise, but i also think it's okay to share bits and pieces of our lives that bring us joy. God gave each and every one of us a purpose, yours is probably different than mine in a lot of ways, but I know one thing that we are all called to do and that is to love. Love God, love others, & love yourself.

When you're scrolling today, be inspired by others + encouraging to them as well! & when you're posting, authentically "overgram" the heck out of whatever it is that makes your days happy! Your life is beautiful, you are fearfully + wonderfully made. It's okay to share it.

sidenote: these pictures have nothing to do with this post really, aside from just loving them a whole lot. i saw this idea through pinterest for "entertaining toddlers indoors during the winter"...+ i thought, "ball pit! how fun!" abel actually thought it was fun for about two seconds + then he began throwing the balls one by one onto the floor + moved onto the next thing haha! lucy laughed at him per usual + otherwise didn't quite get it. maybe next year when they're 1 + 3 we will try again or on a rainy day this summer. until then, we will continue using these balls to learn our colors, throw around, cover the entire living room floor, and find in every corner of the house even though i swore i got them all picked up :) 


Unknown said...

I Love you and stalking your BEAUTIFUL family. ;) please keep "overgramming" and sharing the beauty in your life!

Shannon Medlicott said...

I love this! I started my blog (finally!) last fall and stopped because I was told by some that it was too much in their face... I read this article just now and it seemed fitting. Cheers to blogging about whatever it is we want to blog about.