happy birthday husband!

this is the man i share my wonderful life with.
isn't he a doll?

gorgeous green eyes, a tan like he walked off the beach, the muscles, the hair... oh this post isn't supposed to be about how hot he is?? ooopsies.

today he is celebrating 25 years of life! praise the LORD for the day he was born & all of the events that lead him to me! i am thankful for his parents & their love for eachother. i am thankful that he loves the LORD more than he loves me & leads me to do the same. i am SUPER thankful that he chooses me to love each and every day. i love every bit of him. head to toe, inside & out. he makes me whole & i wouldn't want to do life with anyone else.

happy birthday husband! i love you big time!


Rach said...

so sweet--hope he has a great day! and you too--isn't it fun to celebrate hubby's birthday? it's so fun to be a wife!!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

it is SO fun to be a wife! the greatest blessing so far! thanks for reading!