First Wedding Anniversary

Our First Wedding Anniversary...
Can it really have been a whole year since our glorious wedding day?!
I am the luckiest girl in this entire world. I feel so blessed that Chris chooses me to love, DAILY. I definitely believe that love is not only a feeling but also a choice, and to think I'm his choice... ahhh feels so GOOD! I'm so glad God chose us for eachother and has taught us to be married to one another!

Because we aren't able to celebrate on our actual anniversary, due to Chris being on an away trip with the team... I won't have celebration pics until our date next weekend!
I wouldn't miss an opportunity to reminisce on our special day and all of the beautiful pictures
that captured some of our most precious moments.
Here are a few of my faves...

all of the flowers on my dress and shoes were handmade by my beautiful mother, and she also shaped my dress, the original looked nothing like the finished product... LOVED it. wish i had a reason to wear it now!
i handmade my garter.. had to have something funky under all the cupcake!
bridemaids dresses? hello gorgeous. we made the flowers on the chest from the strap that the dresses originally came with.
such a beautiful day. the picture below on the right is one of my ABSOLUTE faves of all time.
i... love... this... man AND his heart.
this picture is special and was a MUST, because my mom and dad have one just like it from their wedding! you know me.. nostalgia in my veins.
it's official!
Colorado... couldn't ask for a better setting.
class-ic picture. the best part is the people in the background. LOVE it.
these pictures in the flowers were SO gorgeous. felt like Twilight... minus the shimmery skin.
i thought i loved him then...
safe to say Monica Starr Brown is THE best photographer ever..
no words.
my stunning bouquet and ALL of the flowers for the wedding were put together by my madre.. SO thankful.
had to.. in fact, we couldn't NOT. rockin' those stunnas is a Salvaggione must.


Addy said...

I really just can't read this one anymore...I get teary-eyed every damn time!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

awww thank you addy. it was such a special day, and our marriage is the greatest blessing EVER :)) glad you were there to share!