oh, dance.

today was my first day back at dance in almost TEN months! whoa. how did the time fly by so quickly?! because of us moving around at the most akward times of the year, i haven't been teaching regularly. this is the longest i have ever gone without dance.. ever! let me tell you it felt so good to be back. to use the gift God blessed me with. to share love & encouragement with others. to choreograph. to move. ahh, it was just delightful. SO thankful for the steps kids & so glad that the next two weeks are packed full of dancing & then on to regularly scheduled programming, aka regular teaching schedule :) i feel excited and i feel blessed to get to do what i do. welcome back dance, i love you.
thank you LORD. i love You more.
happy thursday lovelies!
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Chelsea said...

It's always so cool to find a fellow dancer :) I checked out the YouTube channel and LOVE your choreography! You were definitely given a gift and I'm so glad you got to dance! I know that feeling of getting back out there after so long :)